ITRADER review

iTrader review

One of the most important key to success in any business is customer service. In foreign exchange, it is also an indispensable part for brokers who cater their services in the market. ITRADER is an online broker that used trust and good relationship to people as its core foundation to serve them.

Generally, its service to customers is genuine, compassionate or simply put, human.


Firstly, this unique platform is highly sensitive and mindful to its customers’ emotions. In Forex market, customers’ emotions are really running high, especially for novice traders. But ITRADER has master the art of handling issues with positivity and empathy. It recognizes customers’ issues, understands their distress and immediately provides ways to solve their problems regarding trading.

One special feature of this platform that allure customers is its consistent availability and options. In ITRADER, users can enjoy full 24/5 support and a variety of financial services which encompass Forex and stocks, commodities and indices and make use of powerful tools and channels set up to work for their convenience.

Lastly, ITRADERs overall experience creates an impact to its users. Aside from its helpful tools and its stellar software, its customer support is impressively effective. Its staffs are friendly and empathetic and make interaction to customer more positive, creating a long term memory for them that will reflect on the entire image of the company.