Increasing Your Investment Gradually and Safely

Earning money has always been the aim of every investor; veteran investors always have this idea on their mind—and are always aiming for that goal, beginners who are dreaming of entering and participating in the market—investing on some investments that they are comfortable with, also has this goal.

Every investor wants profit, and when it comes to profits—some are actually greedy and eager enough to try different strategies to earn more, double their gains and be more productive. There have always been several tips and tricks on how an investor can increase or double their investment—thus, earn money.

With the idea being given, this article will tell you some of the tips and strategies on how you can double your investments. Giving investors some ideas and principles on what to do, how to do and what to expect, which is pretty obvious—more profit.

Earn It Slow

Probably the most tested way to double and investor’s money. Also known as the old rule 72, it is a famous shortcut for calculating how long it will take for an investment to double if its growth compounds on itself. The rule of 72 is used by dividing your expected annual rate of return to 72, and that tells you how many years it will take to double your money gain.

Earn It The Speculative Way

While slow and steady might work for some investors, others may find themselves falling asleep at the wheel. They crave more excitement in the portfolios and are willing to take bigger risks to earn bigger payoffs. Stock options with simple puts and calls can be used to speculate on any company’s stock. Although, before making such decision, an investor must pay attention on how options works, as options can take away wealth just as quickly as they create it.


There are also different ways on how you can increase your investments; there is the Safe Way, which is applicable for those who want a slow yet solid investment that could increase in a matter of time without taking any risks. Obviously, there are different ways that can help an investor reach their goal—which is gaining and increasing from their investments. Investors should just be more selective with these strategies, find the strategy that they are comfortable with and choose it—focus on it, learn from it, and practice its factors and components, which will eventually lead them to their goal.